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Optics Technology
Fume Hood




Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory. When used properly, they can provide an effective backup safety device for the containment and exhaust of toxic, offensive or flammable materials when the containment of an experiment or procedure fails and vapors or dust escape from the apparatus being used.

The Cabinet is made of Wooden Body / M.S Duly Powder Coated /Stainless Steel (304). Interiors Coated with Asbestos / Lead sheets and further coated with fire proof epoxy paint.

Working table is covered with Granite/ Tiles / S.S.304.

Front door is made of 6mm clear glass in laminated teakwood frame and connected with a counter weight balance through a nylon rope. The door will have the provision of vertical sliding facility.

Exhaust blower consists of single phase motor, directly connected with a PVC impeller and enclosed in a epoxy coated MS casing. The rating, speed & capacity of the Blower will be designed on the basis of the SIZE & VOLUME of the FUME HOOD.

However the suction velocity of the FUME HOOD will be around 100 cfm per square feet.

The exhaust assembly can be of build-in-type or external mount type. The blower assembly will directly be connected with suitable exhaust ducting, which is made of PVC pipes with suitable bend & joints and rain guard.

Working Fluorescent light arrangement is also provided.


  L X W X D (In ft.) L X W X D  (In mm)
  2' X 2' X2' Ft.   600x600x600
  3' X 2' X2' Ft.   900x600x600
  4' X 2' X2' Ft.   1200x600x600
  6' X 2' X2' Ft.   1800x600x600
  8' X 2' X2' Ft.   2400x600x600

a) Base Storage Cabinet

b) Automatic Motorized Front Door Lifting Arrangement

Optics Technology

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